Tomioka Racing
Following the success of its racing ramps the company launched the TR performance light-weight battery in 2009 and a year later is presenting us with an exciting range of turbochargers,exhaust,fuel and transmission components for Subaru and Mitsubishi automobiles..

Super Slopes

Tired of stressing out about finding small broken bricks or big wooden boards to raise your car half an inch so you can fit a car jack underneath your lowered vehicle? Well stress no more!

Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to take all that stress and frustration away! Our Tomioka Racing Super Slopes are designed to help car enthusiast with lowered vehicles to reach all front, side and rear jack point areas. Made of strong plastic material, they only weigh in at 10lbs a set with dimensions of 27x8x3 inches. These light weight and easy to store ramps will be the only thing you’ll need to help jack up your lowered vehicle.
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TR complete bolt-on turbo kits are ideal for wide range of tuning from stock engines to those which have had upgraded internals.

Using experiences on the track and feedback from other tuners, TR development in turbo technology has allowed us to provide turbo kit solutions for users who require smooth power delivery for the street and enjoyable sport driving. These kits have been designed to offer a boost in power without sacrificing the response found in stock turbos and provide extra performance and without additional cost.
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TR high pressure actuator is a direct bolt-on replacement for the factory actuator. It comes with an upgraded diaphragm and a billet CNC machined aluminium mounting bracket. This product is built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for at or slightly above factory boost levels. This product is designed and built with the intent of increasing the boost output of a turbocharged system. It has a higher tension spring for higher boost applications.
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Stainless Steel Turbine Housing

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External Wastegate

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Wastegate Springs

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Exhaust Components

TR all stainless steel bolt-on Exhaust Components are designed to perform and to pursue customers’ satisfaction with performance, quality, and value in mind.

Lost wax finished with TIG welding & machine bended pipes enables superb quality guarantee and excellent durability. The direct bolt on system enables TR Exhaust Components fitted to the stock flanges and come with all the necessary hardware to provide easy installation.
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Fuel Components

Tuning and upgrading any cars will require stable and sufficient supply of fuel and upgraded injectors, in order to gain high performance. Featuring aluminum bolt on TR Fuel Rails and Upgraded Fuel Injectors for various applications.

Tested, excellent quality and affordable TR Fuel Components guarantee customers’ satisfaction.
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Transmission Components

From experiences and feedback from tuners, the load and strain is passed on to other parts of the vehicle as engine power is increased. Hence it is necessary to have good drivetrains that can transfer engine torque.

TR Final Gear Set enables the modification of the final gear ratio, adjusting the power band and gear ratios to tune better performance car.
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Light-Weight Batteries

Trying to lose few lbs from stock battery to go faster? The answer is TR Light-Weight Battery. It’s 100% made in USA. TR battery weighs from 6 lbs with 210 cold cranking amps to 21 lbs with 575 cold cranking amps.

TR Battery features dual mounting solutions which offer the flexibility to be mounted vertically or horizontally. It uses the Absorbed Glass Matt (AGM) technology to increase specific power and ride quality. Each battery is shipped with quality SAE brass terminals, with stainless steel terminal threads, to distribute high amperage for high stress racing use and audio applications.
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Battery Accessories

TR battery accessories will complement your battery line. TR high quality line of packaged accessories, including the Lead Quick Disconnect Terminals, Rubber Terminals Protector, and various Tie Down Kits. Most of TR items are made in the U.S.A. in the industry’s largest and most modern plant.
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Fuel Pressure Regulators

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Oil and Water Line Kits

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Engine Accessories

The TR timing belt guide is an easy and efficient modification for all high power EJ25/EJ20 engines. The TR guide is made of thick billet aluminum that replaces your factory guide. This guide prevents timing belt jumps and skips when your car is placed in a constant state of high RPM, a must have modification if you’re planning on tracking your car.

The air and oil separator is a must have unit for all Subaru engines! Constructed from high-quality aluminum, this handy unit will help you lower emission, keep the intake charge pipe clean, reduce the oil burned in the engine and reduce the detonation due to a dirty intake charge pipe. Tomioka Racing AOS is compatible with factory PCV system and it drains oil into the factory oil pan automatically.
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Classic Components

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